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ASIC’s money smart teaching programs-
This program is developed by ASIC (Australian securities and investment commission) in collaboration with educational authorities. It is one of the Australian government’s financial literacy education program for primary, secondary students and teacher’s it is one of the program of National significance which utilise financial literacy as a main conetct of learning in Australian curiculum. It builds the capacities of students and teachers in relation to major five financial principles including planning, spending, saving, donating and investing. It also provides the high quality of teaching personal and professional development, teaching resources, videoes, community partnerships approach for financial …show more content…

83 digital resources for both primary and secondary schools
4. 49 online tools like apps and calculators [4]

Method of delivery
There are a number of Apps for year 9 to 12. These include credit and debit, first car, first job, moving out of home, online shopping and banking, shopping for a mobile and savvy solutions to consuming questions. Teachers can download the required resources by logging into the site in the form of materials and videos. Resources are also available for parents. [4,5]
Cost of the program
-All the materials are available for teaching resources for free download by putting signing into account. [4,5]
According to current figures, (2012-17) more than 6,000 schools accessing money smart teaching program, more than 30,000 teachers’ undertaken this program. According to impact evaluation of 2013-2017,90% of teachers reported increases in the financial literacy to students. Students who engaged with the program showed high financial literacy knowledge. [4]
There are8 schools that have successfully implemented and integrated financial literacy programs in their school’s curriculum, including . [6]
Kings Christian College (Queensland), Bulimba and Arundel State School (Queensland), Currumbin Special School (Queensland), Singleton Primary School (Western Australia), Wingham High School (New South Wales), Palmerston Christian College (Northern Territory), Mount Pleasant Road Primary School (Victoria), Mypolonga

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