Essay On Moral Development In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In books, many characters go through moral development. The book To Kill A Mockingbird shows many examples of characters that go through this development and characters that help others develop. While there are many different characters in the book, the focus is on the development of Jem and Scout Finch with the help of Atticus and Calpurnia. The kids are introduced when they are young and over the span of the book, the adults teach and help them, making them have a different understanding of the world only two years later. With the guidance of Atticus and Cal, Jem and Scout go through a big moral change. Jem, Scout, and Dill had been fascinated by the stories about the Radley house. One day when they were all playing, Dill dared Jem to …show more content…

Jem and Scout had found a few items inside of the knothole in the tree on the Radley property. One day, they see that the hole has been filled with cement. Scout then asks Atticus if the tree is dying, like Mr. Radley said, and he says no. Scout continues to ask him questions when he simply replies “‘I’m sure Mr. Radley knows more about his trees than we do.’” (Lee 84). This is another example of Atticus teaching Scout morals and manners. This may have taught her that she does not always know everything that is going on. It opens up the new perspective that she must consider what other people say and do before she jumps to conclusions or judgment. After Calpurnia takes the kids to church with her one day, Scout begins to ask questions while they walk home. She asks Cal why she talks like the other black people while she is at church. Cal tries to explain why she does that. After trying to explain a few times, she says “‘It’s not necessary to tell all you know.’” (Lee 167). Cal explaining this to Scout and Jem changes a lot for them. After this, the kids gets another glimpse of the difference between groups of people in Maycomb. This helps them understand again that everyone is different and that you have to think of other people’s perspectives before you conclude something. Jem, Scout, and Dill go to town and begin to observe all of the people there. When they spot Mr. Dolphus Raymond, Dill is confused by his actions. When Jem explains it, he says “‘That’s just his

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