Essay On NAFTA

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North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between Canada, United States, and Mexico which was signed on December 17, 1992 (Hassan,M & Nassar R 2016) but wasn’t established until January 1st, 1994. NAFTA is a trade agreement between the North American countries. It is an agreement that would allow businesses to obtain resources from each of the three countries. The idea behind it was to make it easier for countries to trade and to increase productivity. Since NAFTA businesses, trade, and also investments have increased which in return has brought strong economic growth between these three countries. Because of the strong economic growth more jobs were created which in return gave better prices for goods, consumers, …show more content…

Due to the NAFTA deal they have with the U.S, they are able to sell a mass amount of wood to the U.S with no fear they will be tax the tariff. Which in return is a big gain in profit and economic growth for Canada. Canada does buy mass amount of fruit and meat for the United States and due to how close they are it make trade deals so much easier and quicker. NAFTA has help Canada grow into a major economic power and who is ever in power between the British or the French they also benefit from this. One thing people should know that during the times Canada was know to be a country that had fewer political or military conflicts than other societies in the world. This allow Canada to focus more on growth and trying to help their people out then spending money on war. This country is known for helping out their own people and along with giving free health care due to the success they have had in economic growth thanks to the NAFTA deal it has with the United States and Mexico.
The United States of America has been the country that has benefit the most since NAFTA and it may have to do with the fact of where it is geographically, it is sandwiched between Canada and Mexico having two borders also making importation and exportation easier. With the elimination of tariffs, it help the United States of America gain economic growth, making the USA on of the powerhouse in Economic and making it the number one country in the world (Naanwaab, C., & Yeboah, O., 2014).

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