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On April 1st 2049 Nathan Wake was born in the Commonwealth of America he went on to live a good life. He was valedictorian, captain of the track team, and a member of water polo and basketball teams. Upon graduation he enlisted in the united state army. And on May 5th 2069 Nathan Wake was killed in action. On May 6th 2069 the CIA inducted a new agent, Allen Marks. Allen Marks was a Black Ops agent. Ops so dark that when the war was over the CIA was going to put him on trial for war crimes. Allen Marks wasn't going to survive the war. He would be sent or sentenced to death. Allen Marks wasn't always in foreign lands, he wasn't always on an op. He spent at least five months of his year in the states planning, prepping, and even being a public …show more content…

He was given October to plan, come November Allen marks was going to free the 213 American prisoners and die during the escape. Nathan Wake was going to be among the rescued prisoners to return to his family. Allen Marks was going to die, and he would become Nathan Wake again. He would find his old life. Allen Marks was never meant to survive the war, Nathan Wake was destined to survive everything. Nora and Shaun we're going to be asked to an CIA public office where Allen would explain everything. Nora was going to be angry, but she understood the war, she was going to call Nathan “Allen” a few times before she finally got used to it. Nathan Wake was going to retire, with honors. But on October 23rd 2077 the bombs fell. Nathan Wake was never reborn, Allen Marks and his family took shelter in a vault, Allen was going to tell Nora everything. But they were sealed in Cryogenic chambers, Allen was going to tell Nora everything, but she was murdered and his son stolen. Allen Marks was going to become Nathan Wake again, but instead Allen Marks was stuck, he was a Black Ops CIA agent and lord help the soon to be dead man that dared to kill his wife and take his child. Lord help anyone that stands in his

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