Essay On Norm Violation

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I am a violation to society because of who I am. My skin color, my hair, the way I dress and talk. Society tells us to be ourselves and to be unique, but the pressure of fitting into the cookie cutter norm is overbearing. When I act like myself, they tell me I’m violating the norm. When I’m following the norm, they tell me I’m plain, but hey, at least it’s better than doing your own thing. Congratulations, you are normal! Normal people don’t see what I see. When I walk down the street, I see people. When they walk down the street, they see color. Everything is fine until they see me. I am a violation to society. I am a Chinese girl and to me, that is normal. I know better now to know that I am not. As I walk down the streets of a primarily White neighborhood, I’m forced to see that there’s something wrong and that something is me. I get weird looks and people distance themselves. I feel like they’re thinking, “Look at that girl. Fresh off the boat. Chinese, so she must be dirty. She must be loud and stingy. She must be good at math though.” I just want to scream back, “I am normal! I was born in America and I don’t even speak Chinese. I take showers daily and I’m loud when I get …show more content…

When I walk past the sea of White, I speak English louder to prove that I can speak the normal language without an accent. If I know I’m going to be with a group of normals, I put more effort and thought into what I should wear. I stray away from being too out there with fashion and follow the normal trends to prove that I like what’s normal too. The pressure and desire to be normal has gotten so far into my head that I have begun distancing myself from who I am. When people ask me what my race is, I always say, “Chinese, but I hate it.” I then proceed to disassociate myself with all aspect of being Chinese. “The norms of our culture are most often invisible until they are violated.” (Sensoy and DiAngelo, p

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