Essay On Of Mice And Men Friendship

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In life you have good friends and bad friends,which includes many types of friendships.An example of friendship can be found in John Steinbeck’s novella “Of Mice and Men”. The two main characters George and Lennie seemed to have a good friendship.After reading and analyzing this novella, I believe that George overall was not a good friend to Lennie.
George tells Lennie that if he was alone , life would be so easy. How do you tell your “friend” that? Then he mentions how if he was alone , he could get a job and work with no trouble. He talks about Lennie as if he was a bother. George also mentions how he could eat alone at any place he wants,hotel or any place and order anything he could think of.
George is overall rude and constantly brings
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That is not “caring” for someone and also I think that the main reason he stayed with Lennie and stuck by him was of pure guilt .George would also repeat how life would be easier if he was alone and basically what he could do without Lennie.One key concept and evidence that George is not a good friend to Lennie is that you do not under any circumstance kill your friend.
In conclusion, I believe that overall in the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck ,George was not a good friend to Lennie. George did take care of Lennie but,in my point of view, not because he actually cared for Lennie.George never once mentions how he cares for Lennie or how much he loves his companionship but does mention how easy life would be without him and if if they were related he would kill himself .Yes George looked over him and stuck by him but in most cases Lennie would have been better of being with someone
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