Essay On Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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If you have ever seen anything on the news, it was written with a bias. People have opinions and prejudices, and they tend to communicate this in their writings/scriptures. Harper Lee portrays the 1930’s from her perspective as Scout and she also demonstrates to us her opinions, which are highly influenced by her brother, Jem, and father, Atticus in the book To Kill A Mockingbird (TKAM). Scout and her family teach us through their thoughts that prejudice is wrong, that the ‘real’ world is not what a child expects it to be, and that we do not get the justice we deserve.

Prejudice is wrong. Or is it? Various nations in the undeveloped and partially developed world still prejudice and restrict the rights of women, and less than a century …show more content…

In this chapter of the book, Scout asks Atticus what a nigger-lover is, and Atticus tells her it is a meaningless insult like ‘snot-nosed’`. The insult nigger-lover is despicable as to what it’s literal interpretation , because it is to love a person with different skin, and the fact that it is used as an insult by some (most townsfolk) and a somewhat defining character worn with pride by others (Atticus) is a proof in itself that Lee teaches us that prejudice is wrong through the novel and the eyes of the Finches. Another example that prejudice is wrong is the quote said by Scout of “I think there’s just one type of folks. Folks” (304). The context here is when Jem tells her what groups of people hate other groups of people in their small town, and Scout thinks that is wrong because she thinks that everyone should get along. What is marvelous is because of how she was brought up, by simply being taught not to hate other races/peoples, and that this brought her opinions of equality for all peoples to light without much encouragement from anyone else. Now, if she had been brought up as a white supremacist (almost every other white family in the town) instead of by Atticus, she never would

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