Essay On Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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The Cons of Birth Control Pills in the Hands of Women and Life:
Prevention or a Risk?

Kelcey Jenkins


THESIS: Unless the risks of Teen Pregnancy or population overgrowth are shown to outweigh the benefits, we should not promote just giving away birth control and aware females to use a condom; instead, we should be educating both the young and grown women about the dangers of the side effects and consequences of the birth control pill and how it can be deadly.

I. Scientific Studies have proved a link between birth control and the cause of pregnancy.
A. A study by Dawn Stacey shows that women with lower weight are lease likely to get pregnant on birth control.
B. Women overweight or obese are 60-70% more likely to get pregnant on …show more content…

Yes, birth control can be used in a well mannerly way not only to prevent pregnancies but other things to. The birth control pill can be used to help menstrual cramps, mood swings, and period regulation. The birth control pill can also make lives women and couples by the following: allowing people to invest in their education or job first, reducing unwanted and ill-timed childbearing, and subsidization helps poor families, and they may choose to delay or avoid having children. The results in family planning are linked to 2%to 3% higher adult incomes for children born as contraception became more common [Web MD]. College completion increase 2%to7% for children whose mothers had access to family planning. So when push comes to shove, you should take action in family planning to better prepare yourself for your future instead of making one mistake that will ruin your life [Case study 2]. In this case, birth control could be listed as a pro because it is allowing women to prevent something they may not want. If our society didn't have birth control then our world would be overpopulated and we would soon run out of supplies and food due to not being able to afford it. When things like overpopulation come about, then we have to think far ahead what could happen and what consequences we would

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