Essay On Psychopaths

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Studying behavioral characteristics of a certain group of people is a fascinating aspect of psychology. The psychopaths are some of the most extreme characters that intrigue psychiatrists. In many criminal cases involving psychopaths, it is required that a psychiatric examination is performed on the accused.
The debate of whether a psychopath is guilty or not is a controversial one. Depending on the psychiatric assessment report, the judgment is passed. However, the process and factors to consider before a person is declared mentally unstable and excused for their crimes is not clear. The fundamental of psychology defines mental disorder as a mental condition that causes a person in a different way other than the societal norm. Psychology, …show more content…

The criminals pay for crime while correcting their characters. Psychopaths also need the special attention that serves as their correctional facility. The psychopaths need to be under close psychiatric surveillance and training on how to process emotions.
The study on psychopaths highlights the importance for psychology to be instilled among the regular checks for all patients. The traits of psychopaths can be found at early stages, as early as 5 years of age. If noted early enough, the mental disorder can be corrected and prevent a lot of potential danger.
Science studies should be done to identify the sections of the brain affected. This also helps to find out what triggers certain reactions and help resolve the abnormal behavior. The study could also help come up with medicines that help with the cure. It will also help uphold justice and serve the justice to the accused who are victims of the mental disorder.
Treating mental disorders should be instilled in the prison department to help the criminal psychopaths recover. The prisons are usually filled with people with different mental disorders, from anger management to psychopaths. The victims need to be trained to live and feel emotions normally. They are prone to numerous distractions in the prison, with many provoking each

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