Essay On Pursuing A Degree In Finance

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Decision making is a critical step for every individual. Pursuing a degree in finance was an overwhelming decision to make. However, I had to make it. Since my childhood, I have been having the dream and ambition of working as a financial operator. I wanted to work in this role in any of the accounting fields. The desire was further enhanced by some of my relatives who used in financial administrators in the City. They looked so great and appeared to enjoy doing most of their job duties. Also, I could them speak of the working which when I inquired further they gave perfect descriptions making to desire to join them someday in the future. Moreover, their annual salaries seemed quite attractive. On the academic side, I have always excelled …show more content…

The general costs of starting at the Harvard University is as shown below: (Harvard, 2017) Tuition per year $44990 Fees per year $3959 Room per year $10300 Board per year $6360 Subtotal - billed costs per year $65609 Estimated personal expenses per year (including $1,000-$1500 for books) $3991 Estimated travel costs per year $0-$4000 Total billed and unbilled costs per year $69600 -$73600 * It should be noted that health insurance is required and it costs $3130. Those with cover under family health plan don’t have to pay. However, many of the universities had options for financial aid. Part 2 Having completed the degree successfully, I will be looking forward to employment in a good accounting firm. I anticipate to earn and be compensated a substantial amount of money so that I can appreciate my hard work since early years. I will be employed as a financial controller. The average annual salary for financial controller in the US is about $93003 (PayScale, 2017). If I select to work in New York, I will earn $102048 (PayScale, 2017). There are several job opportunities in this field. From the salary paid to the financial controllers, it will not take me a long-term to pay the loan. The loan shall have an interest of 4% so that first I pay it the better so that I do not have to incur a lot of expenses at the end. However, even if I will not be able to pay immediately, the cost of interest is not much, and therefore I will manage given the high

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