Essay On Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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57% of the prison population are people of color, that means people of color disproportionately make up more than half of the prison population. There is indisputable racism in this country, and the world of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird displays this in a very obvious light. Racism has been around for centuries, it has changed and reformed itself. Racism cannot not be solved overnight, but it can be solved with positive and immediate steps and actions. Society as a whole is highly capable of overcoming racism. Therefore, the belief that it will never change and that the society will forever be racist, is a belief that society is incapable of bettering itself. If one looks at what needs to change and at events that have pushed the …show more content…

This was in the 1930s when times we much different from now, but this does not change the fact that kids are still unaware of the struggles that minority groups face today. Lastly, the government was not exposing the discrimination against the black community. The government not informing people of the need for diversity allowed for negative behaviors to flourish. But how could they properly eradicate what they themselves often could not see because they were not diverse themselves, again not very different from today. The correlations between Maycomb’s racism and today’s could both be easily overcome by changing the education, segregation, and government involvement in their own communities.

In order to create change in these prejudices and misconceptions, initially, the educational system of this country must begin to show the struggles and reality of minority groups’ experiences. If a person observed the average class in America, ranging from elementary school to high school, they can see that classrooms do not explicitly discuss racial issues. Not only will classrooms not talk about current events, but they often discourage the talk of modern events. I have been told several times in various classrooms that I was not allowed to continue to discuss current events. Classrooms do not allow children to understand the issues or protests or struggles black people are facing today. If children do not hear or experience what it is

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