Should Students Keep On Reading To Kill A Mockingbird

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Should Students Keep on Reading To Kill a Mockingbird? In the year of 1960, Harper Lee made her debut as an author with the classic, Pulitzer Prize winning book To Kill a Mockingbird. It has been 57 years since the book has been released, and since then the book has been taught and read in schools all over America. However, some people believe that the book is an inappropriate book to teach to students. Although this may be true, there are better reasons to teach the book. With it’s valuable life lessons, an accurate narrative on racial discrimination, and it’s ability to teach readers about the injustice, students should be taught TKAM in school. First and foremost, this book have quotes that are valuable life lessons. For example on page …show more content…

An example of injustice can be found on page 282 when the judge and jury said Tom Robinson was guilty of raping a white woman even though there was clear evidence that he wasn’t of the crime. Not only is this an example of injustice, this is also an example of racism. The reason being that if Tom Robinson was white they probably wouldn’t even care if the fact that he raped somebody was true. Another example is with Arthur “Boo” Radley, he is the outcast deemed as a phantom and a psychopath by the townspeople. Arthur Radley is kept in his own house by his family because of his rebellious teenage life, his family fear that Arthur Radley might ruin their reputation. After being kept into the house too long, the townspeople start gossiping about him and make him out to be a creepy psychopath that peeks into children’s windows. Above all, students should be taught To Kill a Mockingbird in school. Critics may claim otherwise and say that it’s inappropriate because of the language and events, but there are better reasons for students to read and learn about To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s valuable lessons, an accurate narrative on racial discrimination, and it’s lessons on injustice are all the right reasons for students to learn To Kill a Mockingbird. This masterpiece created by Harper Lee shouldn’t go to waste because of a few inappropriate things. Instead, they should consider all the good things and teach the students

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