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The Sam Prichard series are a series of novels by David Archer Amazon and USA Today’s bestselling author best known for writing a series of suspense thrillers. The first novel in the series was Grave Man published in 2015 that went on to achieve significant success, receiving praise both critics and fans of the mystery suspense genre. After Grave Man achieved much success, the author went ton to publish several more titles in the still ongoing series. The series of novels and its lead character Sam Prichard in particular have been called the next Jack Reacher, which is quite some achievement. Archer’s lead character is a man with a tendency to walk into situations in which there is no turning back, and making the best of them. Even as the entire …show more content…

The Grave Man the first novel in the series introduces Sam Prichard as a retired police officer that gets into private investigations entirely by accident, only to find he is really good at it and that he enjoys it. Archer writes fast-paced narratives that are full of multidimensional and realistic characters that mature over the course of the novels to become better persons. Providing interesting background stories to the lead character and his supporting cast, David Archer’s Sam Prichard series makes for personable and realistic stories that are very easy to connect to. Even as each of the novels introduces a new mystery and slew of different characters with disparate motivations, the lead character Sam together with a few of the major characters recurs in most of the novels. The cliffhangers, twists and turns of plot make for very entertaining reads as the narratives moves the reader towards an explosive finish that resolves the mystery. For anyone that loves Jack Reacher and James Bond, Prichard makes for a very likable and effective protagonist that will have you on the edge of your seat in

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