Essay On Science Of Composting

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In nature nothing is wasted; everything lives, dies, and becomes apart of the soil to fuel new generations of life. This process, called composting, is the earth's way of recycling. However, the technology that mankind has to offer has made this method a little more difficult because everything is not living and turns to garbage instead of rich soil. Our society uses an unsustainable process that piles all waste in landfills that are hazardous to the environment and the species inhabit those areas. The problem of waste arises not only from the waste that is created from nonliving items but from the choice to waste the perished once living items. My solution to reduce waste is making it illegal to not compost in the United States which will directly decrease the amount sent to landfills. According to the novel The Science of Composting by Eliot Epstein, president and chief scientist at E&A Environmental Consultants, “Sixty-eight percent of the MSW waste stream is organic and can be composted,” but realistically only half of that could be composted (Epstein 2). If it becomes illegal not to compost we could reduce landfills by approximately thirty percent. While The Environmental Protection Agency, an agency trying to protect the environment and human health, states there are 1,908 active landfills in the U.S. (US Environmental Protection Agency). We …show more content…

People already have to pay for waste management and the idea of adding another monthly bill would not be the average American’s vote with the poor state of our economy. Especially, when the price would increase for the same amount of waste. Lastly, the average American would probably not pay for this extra cost because the waste is out of sight and is the least of their problems (Lecture 09/13). While the cost may be a discouraging factor of composting, there is so many ways our society would benefit from this

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