Essay On Sexuality In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Side Of Paradise

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Prior to the 1920s, American culture was heavily influenced by the Protestant values which included modesty, and the link between sexuality and original sin. Human sexuality was acceptable only within the bounds of marriage and for procreation purposes.
Today we see women ready to pursue or flirt with a man, wear clothes that brings out her physical beauty, venture into professions that were dominated by men, venture into other relationships and still maintain a family of their own. Women are no longer held back by the ancestral Victorian customs by which they were raised; the custom for being prim, proper and persnickety. The modern woman refuses to be pushed around by the principal man in her life and was willing to become more independent. With the growing popularity of automobiles, sexual activity among young people have increased because of the privacy the automobiles provided. In addition to the automobiles, motion pictures and theater capitalized on the public's growing acceptance of heterosexual flirtation. "It's terribly exciting. We get suc h a thrill. It think it is natural to want nice men to kiss you, so why not do what is natural” stated a female college student in the 1920’s. As the result of the growing acceptance of sexual activity, authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald are emerging. “The Side of Paradise” by Fitzgerald was very popular with the war generation, bringing him immediate fame and fortune. The novel captured the essence of the transformations

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