Essay On Similes In Slaughterhouse Five

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Likewise, Vonnegut uses similes to describe the destructiveness of the bombing of Dresden and the trauma it brings with it, by showing the aftermath of the bombing. “Dresden was like the moon now, nothing but minerals. The stones were hot. Everybody else in the neighborhood was dead” (Vonnegut 178). This simile is comparing Dresden to the moon, barren and empty. The moon contains no human life and is “nothing but minerals” as Vonnegut describes, meaning that it is uninhabitable, just like Dresden is now, which shows how destructive the bombing of Dresden is. By using this simile Vonnegut is showing that the destructiveness of war can make a place as barren and empty as the moon. Billy is traumatized by seeing this once flourishing place…show more content…
“Bodies bleed in his novel, at times uncontrollably, and Frederic's narrative likewise suffers at times from troubling and uncontrollable outflow” (Dodman 98). These soldiers are bleeding uncontrollably, which shows the physical destructiveness of war, but these doctors are more greatly emotionally traumatized by witnessing these soldiers bleeding out and dying and knowing that there is not much they can do to save them. Just as the bullets and bombs have caused the soldier’s “uncontrollable outflow” of blood, Hemingway’s novel suffers from “uncontrollable outflow” because of the traumatizing events he witnesses. Hemingway uses similes in order to depict the reality of war by showing how the immense amount of blood that there is in war affects soldiers emotionally. “The drops fell very slowly, as they fall from an icicle after the sun has gone” (Hemingway 60). This is a simile because it is comparing the drops of blood falling slowly to water drops falling slowly from an icicle. The man, that is above Frederic in the ambulance, is bleeding out and his blood is continuously falling onto Frederic, showing the reality of the massive amounts of blood there is in war. This depicts the reality of war because people bleed out and die all the time during the course of a war. Frederic has the man’s blood falling slowly
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