Essay On Society In Jane Eyre

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In the beginning of her life Jane’s place in society and her inability to be happy because of such deeply trouble her. Jane goes through a multitude of stages and places in life trying to find somewhere she feels safe and morally sound so that she may allow herself in order to experience happiness. It is often through introspection and observation of society that Jane comes into herself and develops the principles and sensibility that she actively searched for to find peace and make sense of the world as a child.
At a young Jane observes that beauty and status warrant kindness and in society which translates to a woman being slightly freer to have desires. Prominent examples in her life at the time were Eliza and Georgiana Reed who were able to be horrible little girls but were still doted upon by the adults and expected to lead carefree happy lives. Because Jane so greatly differs from the two, being a poor orphaned dependent of the family, she is regarded without kindness and love for the majority of her time at Gateshead. Jane in childhood at Gateshead is reactive she regards herself prisoner to a life that been detailed to her by members of the Reed family. It is perceived that all she is allowed in life is misery because of her impoverished situation in society. As an impulsive child Jane wants nothing more than to rebel against all whom try to put her in “her place” instead of giving her the love and care a family should provide. It is only after Jane’s psyche and

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