Essay On Taking A Stand

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Environmental pollution is a global issue that can no longer be ignored. As we continue to exploit our surroundings for natural resources, our vast industrial activities generate serious air, soil, and water contamination, as well as climate change due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels and release of harmful gases. And as high school students, we have come to realize our responsibility in preserving our nature for the future generation. Upon hearing the NHD theme of “Taking a Stand,” we immediately envisioned the idea of environmental activism, where the topic of Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring immediately captivated us to investigate her unique stance from a historical perspective. Our research process began by gaining a baseline understanding of Carson’s personal life by reading the official Carson website by Linda Lear who was awarded for her numerous works on Carson. Then spending hours in the library, we studied Carson’s Silent Spring, the most valuable primary source that gave us insight in her overall data collection and findings, regarding the process and impact of biomagnification deriving from chemical residues. Also, the recorded Carson’s testimony in 1963, along with various legal documents from the Library of Congress, such as the Resolution 450 passed in …show more content…

Organizing our poster into three parts—opposition, standing up, and legacies—we attempted to display the crucial steps she was forced to take. We also strived to create a 3D model representation of the path of DDT or biomagnification in an ecosystem along the food chain, which took great efforts in not only drawing, painting, and building, but also extra scientific research. Moreover, we attempted to recreate a copy of Silent Spring, in which we filled with selected pieces of Carson’s

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