Essay On Teaching Ethics

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What does education mean if ethics is sacrificed for academic gains? As Aristotle once said, “educating the mind without the heart is no education at all”. Not to mention, ethics is the key in shaping moral identities in people, especially students. This essay examines the importance of teaching ethics to students and the challenges that come with it. Educating students on ethics can minimize academic misconducts, guide students to become self-reliant in decision-making and attain wisdom. Yet, less experienced teachers, ignorance towards the importance of ethics and the increasing pressure on teachers regarding students’ academic standards have become inevitable challenges in the implementation of ethics in education.

Firstly, education on ethics can help to prevent academic dishonesty such as cheating. Prohaska (2012) states that students will be encouraged to behave ethically if teachers emphasize on the connection between their academic development and ethical behavior in school. By explaining the consequences of academic misconducts, students will always be reminded that their self-image will be affected if they behave dishonestly (Prohaska, 2012). In this way, students will abide by the rules and are less likely to commit an offense, for instance, …show more content…

By reflecting the importance and challenges of blending ethics in education, steps can be further taken to improve education in the future. Although it is tough to ensure that ethics is being taught completely to the students, but the efforts in teaching ethics still need to be taken seriously. Despite the challenges of infusing ethics in education, ethical education plays a part in developing well-rounded students, the building blocks of our nation. Last but not least, we hope that ethical education shapes a better

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