Essay On The Death Of A Story

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Hannah had a focused look as she explained her theory. “As a child, it is said that Edgar played with the 'little folk' and was alleged to have seen his deceased grandfather. He regarded them all as incorporeal because he could see through them if he looked hard enough. One day he said he heard the voice. He did reveal at the age of 10, while in his hut in the woods, he saw a woman with wings who told him that his prayers were answered. He was given something by this being he said, but he never told anyone what it was, Don’t you see, he was given the talisman?” Hannah said passionately. “You’re definitely right about all of this. I have no doubt about it. But finding where the talisman is right now is still going to be a huge …show more content…

Bond. But he had to at least consider the fact that the doctor just dreamt the whole thing up. It wouldn’t be the first time a witness turned out to be wacko. Back in the evidence file, Logan found a notepad. Zagan kept notes about his search, in a small diary, he kept in his left back pocket. His quest for the talisman seemed to center around one key symbol. A zodiac symbol representing, Ophiuchus, as well as several fig trees, and the words (A place to dream). John wasn’t into astrology, but it would be easy enough to find out what it meant. “Who am I kidding.” He thought, Whatever it was, probably got him one step closer to what he was looking for. And maybe, just maybe what got him killed. It was the last thing he wrote in the dairy. But none of that was going to get him any closer to solving the murder. John just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact Luke and the others working out of Starr Investigations, as well as the international investors, and not to mention, those responsible for Zagan’s death. All of which are searching for some magical ancient artifact. There was a real motive somewhere in all this but what? Logan thought. He wasn’t a believer in magical amulets or things of that nature. But he was always on guard for anything, including the supernatural, ever since he discovered Luke’s dark side, DragonMan. A secret that he kept out of his report during an official police investigation several

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