Essay On The Princess Princess

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young princess. She lived in a huge castle, with hundreds of servants by her side. She was adored by all her subjects.

But she was not exactly happy.

Her parents had passed away when she was only 13, and she had been alone since. She was not allowed out of the palace grounds, so she stayed in her castle, studying, reading and just learning in general. After 8 years of being kept inside, she had picked up many different skills, from programming to dance to martial arts.

On her 21st birthday, her servants took the initiative to throw her a ball. It would be the first time she was exposed to the public since her parents left her. The princess was extremely excited to meet new people, and maybe even make a few friends. But what she was really looking forward to was finding her 'Prince Charming'.

When she was young, her parents had told her bedtime stories, which always consisted of princesses getting their happily ever after with their prince. She had always dreamed of the moment where she would meet 'the one' for her.

At the ball, the princess was having the time of her life. She was dancing when someone accidentally bumped into her. Turning to apologize, she saw a handsome young prince standing in front of her. But, unlike what she had …show more content…

Remember that the light will always pierce through the darkness. I understand that you are scared, but throw away the fear in your eyes, and break the glass ceiling that’s trapping you and holding you down. I know that everyone will be doing their best. Unlike Evil, we cannot fly, but we can run. For those who cannot run, walk. Even if you cannot walk, crawl. No matter what you do, gear up! In order to defeat Evil, we must believe in the word ‘together’. Trust me, who will be leading you, and I trust you, who will be fighting by my side. Until the day of victory, never kneel, and don’t break down. We will survive, I will make sure of

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