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As I stand before you today; I hope that everything is tickety-Boo.
Have you ever heard or used the word or expression Tickety-Boo? Tickety-Boo is an intriguing word that I found when searching through words for this assignment. Stated in the dictionary as an adjective, Tickety-Boo originated in or around the 1930’s; it has been around for a long time. The Origin is that of Hindi or British. The meaning is; everything is in good order; fine; or, everything is okay. So, as I stand before you today; I hope that everything is Tickety-Boo.
The article I found on the word Tickety-Boo, was published in The New York times on March 25th, 1990, and was written by William Safire. The name of this article is: “On Language; Tickety-Boo and NASA, Too”. …show more content…

The article continues to say, that when looking further into the background of the word tickety-boo it had also been used by columnist George Will, in 1977 when projecting ahead: “The morning after the 1978 elections Republicans were feeling tickety-boo.” A.P. correspondent Hugh A. Mulligan, would use Tickety-boo, when recalling the early day of space flight, when he wrote “the supercool British correspondent whose mastery of the Queen’s English enabled him instantly to translate ‘Shorty’ Powers’s, historic ‘A-O.K.’, to ‘Tickety-boo.” Apparently, the word Tickety-boo also found its way into song in the early 1960’s, by a Women’s Kitchen Band made up of about 50 housewives playing their pots, pans, and kazoos played ‘Everything is Tickety-Boo’ in an appearance on the “Ted Mack Amateur Hour”. Further digging would find that the word Tickety-Boo had also turned up in 1947 in the journal, American notes and Queries: “Lord Mountbatten, Governor General of India, is credited in The New York Times Magazine with ‘giving currency’ to the phrase tickety-boo (or tiggerty-boo). This was a Royal Navy term for ‘O.K.’ taken from the Hindustani.” There is also the submission in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1939, where author Noel Streatfeild, states that development of the word tickety-boo, as unknown, but speculates that it is from Hindi meaning

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