Essay On To Build A Fire

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The earth has been around for far longer than humans have. Mankind has grown to think that they’re better than everything, but we are wrong, nature always wins and mankind shouldn’t fight it. Over hundreds of years’ humans have evolved and created an incredible life where we have everything we need or can get it. We don’t have to go out and hunt for food anymore we have stores, we also have homes with running water, AC, and heat. We have grown so accustom to this life style that if it got all taken away tomorrow, we wouldn’t know how to survive. Mankind is losing its survival instincts, which Jack London tries to bring to our attention in the short story, To Build a Fire. In the short story the main character, a young man who remains nameless, is in the wilderness accompanied by a husky dog around what we know as Alaska today. It is an extremely cold morning at nearly 50 degrees below 0. Throughout this short story, the man is traveling alone with the dog trying to meet up with his buddies at an old claim. The man’s many actions through his journey shows us the true reality of man vs nature. He must look at his thermometer to tell how cold it is, he doesn’t know how to survive in this harsh of weather, he is …show more content…

The dog is a part of nature and has been living out in this area probably for a long time now. Animals like it know how to survive based on their natural instincts. The dog doesn’t need a thermometer to know it’s cold, it doesn’t need advice from others it just knows what to do, when it starts getting cold especially at night, the dog knows how and when to take shelter from the brutal weather, it doesn’t need to build a fire. When the dog gets its feet wet it immediately starts trying to get the ice off. When it comes down to the end of the story, the man ends up freezing to death and the dog lives, ironically going to the place the man was going for the dog knew where the food and warmth

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