Social Control Theory Of White Collar Crime

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Many Criminologists have studied different theories to explain the reason behind the commission of white-collar crimes. Many of the current studies focus on a wide range of factors, rather than on few factors, to explain why people commit white-collar crimes in modern society. Sutherland theorized that white-collar crimes and conventional crimes were similar enough to focus on poverty and social pathologies as the base reasoning for committing each type of crime (Friedrichs, 2014). However, many of the people who commit white collar crimes do not live in poverty, and generally respected in their field of expertise. Consequently, a general theory of white collar crime fails to consider a variety of other factors and places those crimes in …show more content…

The social control theory does not focus on why a person commits a crime, but rather why a person does not commit a crime. In this theory, people with strong values show restraint from committing crimes because it goes against their nature. They exercise self-restraint when confronted with the numerous opportunities to commit crimes in society, whereas criminals commit crimes because they do not have connections to society or institutions that hold morals in high regard. However, this theory is flawed in that some perpetrators of white collar crimes are well connected to the corporations and people who they commit crimes against and are less likely to reveal that they have committed the crimes. Likewise, the control balance theory states that an imbalance between one’s control over another entity and the control held by an entity over that person will influence the likelihood that they will commit a crime. However, this theory works well when applied to conventional crimes, but is still developing in relation to white collar crime.
A relatively new theory into white collar crime focuses on the gender of the offender, as the context of the crime is often lost when applying general theories against female culprits (Holtfreter, 2015). Consequently, female offenders tend to commit white collar crimes for different reasons then their male counterparts. Men may commit the crimes to enrich themselves or to punish the

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