Essay On Why Intermediates Should Be Allowed Off Of School Property

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Should grade ⅞ students be allowed off of school property during our nutrition break? I speak on behalf of all intermediates and from our perspective, we feel we should be permitted this responsibility. We want this because we are feeling confined within our school and always seem to be treated as children and not the young adults we are. By accepting the responsibility of leaving school property, we would be setting higher maturity levels for the younger students, you would be allowing us to have a mental break from the school environment which many people need and we would be developing trust with our peers and ourselves which is necessary for our very near future.

First, the intermediate’s point of view on the matter isn’t that we’re not being treated fairly but we’re being treated as complete equals of those who lack the potential maturity that us 13-14 year olds have. We think that as growing adolescents, we need to be given more opportunities to prove we can handle higher risk, responsibility, with that we would also be able to create a greater impact on the younger children at Carleton Heights. Although, if this arrangement would go under way all intermediates would understand if …show more content…

A mental break when we can escape from everyone and anything for a little while is beneficial to us because it allows us to blow off steam, calm ourselves or just do our own thing without any fear of being judged for it. Having a break from everyone at school in the middle of the day will help make us mentally prepared for class without being much of a grouch. We would be calmer which we all know our teachers would enjoy. We’d be calmer after those breaks because us intermediates would find something useful with our time outside and be more active, which will decrease the amount of high energy we have conspicuously during our second nutrition

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