Essay On Women In Medieval Times

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During the medieval period the church and women differed greatly. The medieval period last from the 5th century till the 15th century. The medieval period differed so greatly compared to what we are accustomed too. It is fascinating to see how different the women and church truly are. The church was very powerful during the medieval period. They had control over money, ones mind and beliefs. The church had 100% control over the peasants. The churched charged people a tithe, a tax, 10% of ones income was paid to the church. Peasant mostly paid in seeds. The church made people pay for baptisms, marriages, and burials. If one refused to pay for those services the church would tell them that “their souls would go to hell”. There were many occupation associated with the church; nun, monk, friar, cleric, parson, summoner, and pardoner. Nuns and Monks devote their lives to work, charity, and prayer. They also take a vow of poverty, silence, and chastity. Parson and friar are both priests but a friar pledges to a life of poverty. A cleric transcribes important documents for the church. A summoner brings accused criminals before the church's court. A pardoner grants pardons, forgiveness for their sins, to criminals. There was ultimately no separation between the church and state. The corruption of the church was due to having much power. …show more content…

Husbands had the right to beat their wives with no consequences. Womens age of consent was taken away at age 7. They had no say so in marriage or sex. Most women didn't live past age 30 during the medieval times. The characteristics that men look for in the medieval times differ from today. Gap teeth was considered attractive, now straight, beautiful teeth is considered more attractive than a gap. Curly hair was very fashionable, nowadays straight, frizz-free hair is considered fashionable. A wide forehead made a women beautiful during medieval

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