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After a few more tears from Cynthia, they were finally on their way. “Where’s the rest of your gear?” Remi asked as she made herself comfortable in the backseat. “It’s with Nate and Lyle, they drove ahead in the van to get situated.” “Cool.” Leaning back, Remi pulled out her journal and tried to map out her route. The festival started on Friday and lasted through Sunday. Today was Monday, and Remi had spent most of Sunday tracing her routes. Tomorrow she had an appointment to meet with Evie Crofton at ‘The Crofton Safe Haven.’ As far as Remi was concerned, she was the best bet at finding her first clues. The day dragged on longer than Remi would’ve liked. The ride hadn’t been so bad and the Festival had set them up at an amazing old time …show more content…

“I’ll sleep with you, Billy?” Almost as instantly as the words were out did Billy start to choke on his drink. Soon he was coughing and sputtering as both Rhys and the bell hop were looking at her as if she were crazy. “It was just a joke.” She claimed as she shrugged and watched as the floors slowly passed by. “An ill-timed joke.” Billy croaked out as he wiped his chin clean. When the elevator stopped at their floor, Remi turned to Billy and cocked her head to the side. “It’s not my fault you can’t contain your bodily fluids.” Turning on her heel she left them and walked towards the room that was to be her room in private. After getting settled, Rhys knocked on her door and informed her that they had to go meet up with the Reps and get the schedules for the press. After that they would have literally three days only to get all the information she could get. ~Tuesday, Day 4 of Spring Break, 9 Days to go “This is a group home?” Rhys asked, standing behind Remi as they looked up at the Manhattan townhouse. “No. I think this is her office.” They climbed the stairs to the home and knocked at the door. A quiet young lady quickly opened it and lead them up the stairs to the office. Standing up at the desk was a tall woman standing at 5’7, her hair was dark brown and wavy as it fell across her shoulders. Her eyes were gray and seemed almost silver in contrast to her bronzed, sun kissed skin tone. But truly she was a pretty woman that would’ve been

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