Establishment Of The Environmental Protection Agency

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Zoe Brown
Mrs. Helms
English III Honors
7 November 2014

Establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency Environmental disasters during the 1960s in the United States had significant impacts on both the human and sea life populations. During the New York weather inversion of 1965, over 80 people died from the man-made smog over the four day period. In the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, over 3,700 sea birds were killed, along with countless other forms of marine life. The nuclear reactor meltdown in Idaho in 1961 was the only United States incident by that time that resulted in immediate fatalities, in which three operators were killed (“Learn the Issues”). Cleveland, Ohio’s Cuyahoga River sustained 13 reported fires, resulting in waters that were so polluted they were labeled dead zones (“A Fire Tugs”). The mine fire under Centralia, Pennsylvania, starting in 1962, still burns after 50 plus years (Blatt 47). These environmental disasters, along with many other smaller ones, resulted in grassroots movements and powerful environmental lobbying that gave rise to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The founding of the EPA stopped public encroachment of using the environment as a dumping ground. It led to the passage of landmark legislation in the 1970s that protected natural resources, restored degraded areas, and protected the population of the US from poor water quality and bad ambient air conditions. The acts passed in the 1970s had an…
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