Ethan Frome Character Analysis

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Altogether, Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton is about a man named Ethan Frome, who has a troublesome relationship, as well tension with his wife Zeena, in addition, has an obsession over Mattie Silver (Zeena’s cousin). Furthermore, the novel takes place in Starkfield, which is an extremely cold, snowy, and low populated area. Throughout, the novel Ethan perpetually attempts to demonstrate his love emotions toward Mattie, when they are alone, likewise does Mattie, however, they are both unable to do so, as a result of their shyness and timidness. Moreover, in the novel Zeena is extremely ill, thus one day she took a visit to see a Doctor who can help her. Meanwhile, while Ethan and Mattie were alone, Mattie attempted to make a nice supper utilizing Zeena’s most treasured object- a pickle dish- which shattered, thus led to a conflict when Zeena arrived. As a result, Zeena was furious and stated that Mattie must leave, due to the new girl which Zeena hired as a result of her Doctor’s request, will be arriving, thus Ethan insisted on him personally taking Mattie to her destination. Lastly, while on their course they stopped by an elm tree where they confessed their feelings for each other, and how they cannot live apart, thus leading to Mattie proposing the idea of committing suicide by striking the elm tree, while riding a sled together. In the end, they lived, and Zeena was cured of her sickness, however, Ethan’s face was severely scarred, and Mattie became paralyzed.
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