Ethical Challenges in Withdrawing Life Support

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There are many serious issues for families to consider when faced with the prospect of removing life support for a loved one. My objective is to identify the key medical ethical considerations that are faced when considering the removal of life support for a patient. Then, I will draw some conclusions about the choices I would make if faced with the decision of having to remove life support for a member of my family.
It may be that the decision to withhold or withdraw life support is most likely to pit the hopes and fears of patients and their families against medical science and their physician. Patients are compelled by powerful emotions (such as guilt) or by adherence to religious or secular traditions to behave in certain ways …show more content…

Nonetheless, the patient 's right to refuse therapy must be protected, recognizing that most patients are concerned about their families and do not wish to have family members undergo unnecessary anguish. Physicians should be sensitive to such family concerns, but in the end, it is the patient 's wishes that must prevail.2
In closing, I would like to discuss the importance of

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