Ethical Dilemm Supply Chain Management

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Ethical Dilemma: Supply Chain Management Living in America we do not realize what other people are suffering and going through. In this case there are young girls suffer from the probabilities of being prone to steal, begging, being in the streets and prostitution. In my opinion, many of us living in the states judge those who do not live our same lifestyle. However, we do not realize how the conditions and circumstances these people are living in. In this case, these young girls are the main providers for their families and working is the only way to keep them away from poverty. Therefore, if I were a buyer of a major retail discount store selling economy-priced goods my ultimate goal would be to make a high margin. I am experiencing price competition and I seek an opportunity to import from a low-wage region in Asia without realizing the conditions in Asia. Having a well-known celebrity endorse the product can raise polemic and people are being more aware of all conditions. Therefore, knowing exactly where and how the product is being made is key and can really prevent unethical practices. How can the ethical dilemma be addressed from a Christian worldview (i.e., what guidance from a Biblical perspective could be applied to understand and possibly resolve the ethical dilemma)? From a biblical perspective and as a Cristian I would never like to sign a deal internationally if I am not aware of what is really happening. However, in this case I am faced to a situation where

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