Ethical Egoism: The Nature Philosophy Essay

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After studying many different ethical schools of thought, I have further affirmed, for myself at least, that Ethical Egoism is the best and most natural personal philosophy to follow. While the principles of most other philosophies and ethics are not horrible or absurd, they are not as fitting as the principles and teachings of ethical egoism and Niccolo Machiavelli. As humans, we should accept the realization that we are all pursuing our wants, desires, and pleasures. This is not a shameful or wrong thing, it is only natural. We, as humans, simply wish to lead a good life, and the best component of a good life is achieving our desires and goals. However, I am not saying that we should wildly chase those desires. Indeed, it is important …show more content…

It is wiser to have a reputation as a miser, which brings disdain without hatred, than by seeking reputation for generosity to incur a name for rapacity which begets both disdain and hatred.” When first reading this, one wonders how generosity can bring hatred, but really it seems simple. If someone knows you to be generous, but if for some reason, whether it be inability or something else, you deny someone something that you normally provide them, they will dislike and hate you for it. Yet, if you were known to be miserly, no one would come to you for such things, so you would not be hated for it, only thought of as a miser. A prime example of generosity being taken advantage of would be an encounter that I had with an old friend. In my eyes, Tim was a sort of “underprivileged kid” in high school. Simply meaning that he did not always have the means to obtain simple pleasures and necessities such as buying lunch when we would all go out. Because of that, I would regularly provide it for him, because I worked in high school and could afford to do so. Tim became accustomed to that practice, and it became expected of me. Once I realized that I had begun to be taken advantage of by him and now others, I stopped doing it. When I would no longer buy his lunch or what have you, he got upset with me and even seemed

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