Ethics : Ethics And The Workplace

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In this day in age ethics is a big part of businesses. An Ethical employee tends to make decisions in the best interest of their employers, co-workers, and also outside companies other than themselves. This being said I will be discussing how ethics and communication can help and benefit you in the workplace and how it can build relationships with employees, what companies look for in their workplace using ethic also some statistics of how ethics benefits the workplace, and a few cons businesses run into. Before ethics policies were pushed there was failure to even practice value-based ethics which could be what you stand for or self-image. These are a few simple ethical things companies were lacking such as, calling in sick to work but not really sick, having affairs with a co-worker while being married, lying to customers or co-workers, taking supplies from work, or taking credit for work another co-worker did. Being ethical in a work place is a commitment to always doing the right thing. Even though all people in a workplace have their values in the company, an ethical employee is more financially valuable to their employers, and also valued more by their co-workers. An Ethical employee allows people to open up to them by building trust with them. The way that you could do this is to share private information and feel more comfortable communicating with other co-workers. By creating this relationship with other co-workers you could make productivity better and easier

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