Ethics Of Law Enforcement : Power Abuse

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Andreea Draghici
Prof. Turner

Ethical Dilemma in Law Enforcement – Power Abuse

Throughout many professions, we witness multiple instances where power is being abused due to one’s title in society. When it comes down to the topic, my group and I decided to go with ethical dilemmas within law enforcement. The topic I will be covering is the power abuse that some police officers participate in on a daily basis. Some, based on theories, others, based on experiences and facts. However, when it comes to certain instances, we do not always know the entire story; we only know what we are told and presented with. That’s why it is essential to know that there are always two sides to every story, so it’s important to not jump to conclusions. Breaking apart these dilemmas and looking at them ethically is essential. As a first example for power abuse being presented in law enforcement, there are many instances where a police officer, in his or her car, will turn on their sirens just to get where they have to be quicker. Some may say it’s just a rumor, but there are officers that will be ready to admit it is true. “Some cops take advantage of the fact that they are unlikely to get a traffic ticket or parking citation while they 're operating a police vehicle.” (Dees, 2014) It’s the authority police officers have over others that make them think they can even park where fire hydrants are on the street is probably what many citizens will think when they see that

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