Ethnic Stereotypes

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Stereotyping of ethnic characters Stereotyping of ethnic characters has been done for decades with the issue becoming more controversial in todays society. The popularity of films on the dependence of one’s vulnerability is one to familiar for some ethnic groups, like the Asian culture. Hollywood writers and Directors have a social responsibility to avoid stereotyping ethnic characters. The stereotyping of ethic culture can have a great impact on todays society by causing self insecurities, sexism, and, racism. In todays movie films you will see the portrayal of women being displayed as the weak, victim needing to be saved. This is especially common in the Chinese films throughout Asia, and here in the United States as well. “Why do movies always seem to portray Asian women as tragic victims of history and fate?” Hagedorn (pg. 343) As described in the No Joy, No Luck article, Jessica writes how women are, and have always been displayed as the victim, or the weak whore in Asian films. This can effect todays young society by giving them a false image that this is what todays women are. The need to always be saved by the role male lead and the usual suffering of the woman. The self insecurities that can develop from these perceptions can lead women and young girls to want to change themselves to think they need to become better than what they are. Especially in the Asian community, this can lead to wanting to change their looks therefore, leading them to want plastic

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