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Measure the width of the coarse opening at the top, middle, bottom and the height at both sides and in the middle end. If the difference between the three width sizes or the three height sizes of the coarse opening is more than 1 inch, cut tapered plaster strips from stud stock and nail them to the sides of the opening that are out of level. Be sure the outside scopes of the window are at least ¾-inch slimmer and ½-inch shorter than the tiniest width and height measurements, correspondingly. Otherwise, if they're not, you'll have to either reframe the opening or order a new window of the same size.

Secondly, protect against water penetration
In this second step you will cut a 6-inch-wide strip of self-adhering waterproof membrane 18 to 24 inches longer than the window's thickness. Then you will need to place the membrane underneath the abrasive opening and …show more content…

In process of placing the window, you bend out the window unit's nailing fins so as to abrupt to the edges of the window frame. Then set the window's sill into the bottom of the coarse space, and angle the frame into the opening until all the nailing fins are tight alongside the wall. Then have an assistant stand inside and to tell you when the space between the sides of the window and the jack nails are equal on both sides. Pin the nailing fin to the casing at one upper corner with a 1 ½-inch roofing nail, but don’t drive it all the way in so as avoid it cracking

Fourthly, Level the window
In this step, you will place a 2-foot level on the windowsill, and annotation its high side. Then hold a 4-foot level alongside the window jamb on that side, and shift the sill left or right till the level shows the jamb is aligned. Pin a nail into the fin at the inferior corner on the same side as the first nail. Afterward, place a 2-foot level on the sill, and amend the free bottom corner up until the sill is equal. Pin the fin in this inferior corner to the

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