Ethos And Pathos: The Use Of Ethos Pathos Logos

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The use of LEGOs is an extraordinary thing, but it is shocking to see exactly how controversial a small toy can become. People of all ages have been found to enjoy this toy. Companies and organizations such as MIT and NASA have even found a use for them. The toy has become known as a child’s imagination tool and has not been exclusively used for adults. The documentary shows that adults come together to compete in competitions on who can create the greatest LEGO sculpture. Many people may not know just how big this toy is used around the world.
The use of ethos, logos, and pathos are included throughout the documentary. The use of ethos was shown when the they interviewed grown adults and taped LEGO seminars to show that people of all ages
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The views that they shared were from the enthusiasts, companies who use them, artists who made a career with them, and the children. They did a great job presenting the different views of those who use the LEGO by showing just how different they change a person’s life. This documentary would be a very credible film if they found the views from those who are not users to give their opinion on whether or not it is acceptable to play with the toy.
This documentary has made me believe that it is normal for a person to use LEGOs. They have shown that even famous people and NASA still use them today. The creative side of me is definitely excited to hear that I could create enormous sculptures made entirely of LEGOs if I really wanted to. This documentary can appeal to anyone who watches it by amazing the watchers with the awesome things people can create with LEGO. This little toy will definitely become the most popular toy ever
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