Eudora Welty 's A Worn Path

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Within every person lies a will and a flame of strength to achieve any goal, or conquer any obstacle in life. In Eudora Welty 's "A Worn Path", her main protagonist, Mrs. Phoenix Jackson, perfectly displays the strength that a human possess. Despite being of old age, poor and out of shape, Mrs. Jackson 's strength defies these odds on the worn path that she walks daily. Human strength is abundant in "A Worn Path", as the author shows the reader the reason why mankind is so strong. Welty demonstrates that love is what makes Mrs. Jackson, and everyone else, strong enough to move mountains. The strength of Mrs. Jackson exceeds more than normal, due to the condition of her beloved grandson, so much that not pain, death, or pride can kindle the fire of her strength. Although the worn path that Mrs. Jackson walks brings pain to her age ridden body, she still has the strength to suffer through this pain and conquer the path daily. The worn path challenges the protagonist 's physical and mental strength, for it is long and unforgiving. The author shows the reader how it inflicts pain and discomfort to Mrs. Jackson 's body nearly every turn of the path. Near the foot of the hill, as Mrs. Jackson mounts a log that is laying across the creek, she says "Now comes the trial"(Welty 289). Sadly, every obstacle that the path presents, a trial and a challenge to her fragile body appears. Nevertheless, despite the pain of the logs, thorns and the hard ground, Mrs. Jackson continue pressing

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