Eugenics Could Become a Reality

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Most parents would do almost anything for their children to be the best and know that in life they will be successful and ahead of the game, but what if even before they are even born you could alter their genes to give them an even greater advantage. This would allow one to “create” a child who is smarter, taller, and prettier, even if the parents never carried any of these traits. As the human race continues to develop and modern technology continues to advance, we have been able to create new inventions that could potentially help us overcome daily issues linked with diseases and mutations, but although to some this seems like an incredible idea, the motion of one day being able to modify your unborn baby to look and be who you want is not only morally wrong, but could result in drastic environmental changes. Genetically engineering has influenced many debates as to whether the ethics behind the motion are right, and like most scientific discoveries comes with many advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever the benefits of altering are, there are many reasons as to why we, as a society should stop developing this idea. No matter what kind of human enhancement this motion could do, the only method for determining this is through trial. Are the babies that don’t work out going to be discarded like what happens with the plants and animals? No democratic society would permit the trial on hundreds of babies. Modifying one gene cannot change

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