Eulogy For Father

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A loud crow of a rooster sends me tumbling out of my bed into the kitchen where I am greeted by my loving mother and my caring father. On a South Carolina chicken farm is where I grew up, where I learned to love, and where I tell my story. My mother and father come from similar backgrounds; my mother dropped out of technical college in the first semester and my father failed to graduate high school. While people would mock them a for the way they talked, it was quite evident that they wanted different for me. Quite frankly, it was if they wanted me to represent them in a way that finally give them the respect that they deserve. In my eyes, their background never crosses my mind, their love and desire for my success fuels me to strive for my absolute best. …show more content…

My teacher is this older lady with a beak-like nose, and I will soon find out that this lady also taught my father in middle school. When she discovers that he is my father, she starts to treat me differently. Although she doesn’t manipulate my grade, she begins to belittle me and talk to me like I am unable to carry on basic conversation. She stood dumbfounded when she would return my test. She even went as far as accusing me of cheating after I scored a perfect score on her test, but this accusation, of course, proved to be false. The effects of small town southern gossip hit me right then and there. Doubt begin to fill my skull, and I felt as if I was being drowned in the shadows of the rumors of my family. From that point forward, my biggest fear was letting my family down and not representing them with the respect that they

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