European Colonization Of The Americas

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European colonization of the Americas should be remembered as a tragedy for the impractical and immoral acts upon Native Americans and slave laborers. The European colonization of the Americas was a series of atrocities committed upon underdeveloped territory by settlers throughout the Americas. Many European countries took part in the advantages of the land to increase economic trade and newly found resources. However, the net result of this colonization for the indigenous who already inhabited these lands was the exploitation of Native Americans and Slaves through forced labor, Christian ideals being forced upon those certainly from different beliefs, and the general theft of land and natural resources.
Early settlers founded an excessive amount of land used for farming, however, they did not have the manpower to make full use of it. Due to the high amount of resources and the lack of manpower and wealth, settlers would purchase slaves from the African continent. This established Anglo-Saxon superiority over the African people forcefully living there and encouraged immorality to take place between slave owner and slave. Not only was this unjust, it contributed to the tragedy of European settlements in the Americas. European settlements allowing slavery, was a threat towards equality and freedom for all, proven through “…we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them…” (Requerimiento). Innocent

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