Euthanasi A Compassionate Method Of Death

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“Is it worse to kill someone than to let someone die?” – James Rachels. At the end of the disagreement, many philosophers say euthanasia, also known as physician-assisted suicide, is a compassionate method of death. At the other side are the opponents of euthanasia, who may consider this technique as a form of murder. In this paper, I will show that it is not important to know the distinction between killing and letting die on request which is performed by a physician. Both killing and letting die on request are similar because it is based on the controversial issue called euthanasia also known as physician-assisted suicide. Before I start to argue the difference between killing and letting die on request, I would like to examine two …show more content…

Why not let patients end the suffering?
Although, pain can be excoriating and unfathomable thus, leaves the patient with no choice but to live with it and contemplate whether to terminate his or her life by performing euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. Apparently, the patient has right to die if he or she cannot endure physical or mental pain. Imagine, a patient is just barely lingering on the battle between life and death, one should able to make a decision to move into eternity with dignity, without suffering or pain, with their loved one present. So I could consider this technique as killing/letting die because the patient requests physician and physician has a duty to respect patient’s request by letting him/her to die. Killing or letting die does not matter as long as the patient requests to the physician. In the article, Justifying Physician-Assisted Deaths, the author, Beauchamp argues that “Killing would then be morally loaded so that justified acts of arranging for death in medicine logically could not be instances of killing, they would always be cases of allowing to die”. (Beauchamp 2014, 86). From my understanding, Beauchamp explains the meaning of “killing” that physicians logically cannot kill when they decide to remove life-sustaining treatment in agreement with a patient’s request or refusal. Regarding physician-assisted suicide, there are three categories of euthanasia; Voluntary

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