Euthicasia And Euthanasia

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Euthanasia has always been a controversial topic between the Catholic Church and society, as it is known as ‘Mercy Killing’. The Catholic Church’s perception of euthanasia is dissentient, as their strong beliefs demonstrate that it is unnecessary if ethics are followed through. However, society’s opinion contrasts, with the beliefs that it is a beneficial option for people who are undergoing a significant amount of pain or suffering. The Catholic Church believes that it can affect a person’s passage towards heaven and that it is a “morally unacceptable killing of a human person.” As is evident, the Catholic Church’s attitude strongly discourages the practice of euthanasia, therefore it is undetermined whether the increased desire for the legislation of euthanasia will ever be condoned by the church.

People who are pro-euthanasia believe that a person who is terminally ill has an explicit right to die. Through voluntary euthanasia, it can eliminate the suffering of the patient. 75% of all Australians believe if a person suffers because of terminal illnesses, their life quality is decreased, the option of euthanasia should be given. However, the Catholic Church disputes this, as they believe there is core evil behind an individual or group who consider they possess the right to assist another to terminate their life. Catholics emphasise the immorality of treating anyone’s life as worthless. Therefore, if a patient is in a weakened state or is suffering, they remain a living

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