Evaluation Model Essay

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Evaluation Model Essay
Kevin Jackson
April 06, 2016
Professor: Lois Fegan

Evaluation Model Essay
In this essay, I will select an evaluation model that I believe is most applicability and relevance to criminal justice policy today. I will also summarize the model that I have chosen and provided analysis and explanation for my choice.
The two models of the criminal justice system are created by a professor named Herbert L. Packer in 1964 at Sanford University, and these two models are "Crime Control Model" and the "Due Process Model."
To understand and comprehend what these two models processes are that Professor Parker created for the criminal justice system, we must first define their meaning.
Crime Control Model- Refer …show more content…

Nearly nine out of 10 stopped and frisked New Yorkers have been completed innocent according to the NYPD’S own reports: Statistics
2002- 97,296 People stopped and frisked 80,186 innocent (82% Percent)
2010- 601,285 People stopped and frisked 518,849 innocent (86% Percent)
2015- 22,939 People stopped and frisked 18,353 innocent (80% Percent)
The data has shown that this program is not effective nor does it have sufficient data to back-up it reasons for continuing this program. This program like many other is a product of society being overprotective and the government being overzealous with power (Nyclu.Org 2016).
The data also shows since the program implementation the majority of people subjected to the stop and frisk law are African-American and Latino. The data shows a break-down of individuals that have been victims of this program by race and from 2002 until 2015 African American has made up 54% of all people frisked while Latino makes up 31%.
The data has also shown that there was no decrease in taking guns off the street because of the stop-and-frisk law. In fact, guns are found in less than 0.2 percent of stops in New York City (Nyclu.Org 2016).
Therefore, this is proof that at least we know that this crime control model program doesn't work when it come to taking guns off the street or to deterrence crime from happening. It is incredibility a waste of taxpayer money and

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