Even with the Danger, El Salvador Is Visited by Many Tourists

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El Salvador is a small country with a small population located in Central America. This country has a very large population of 6,297,394 people (, 2012). It has an area of 21,040 sq km; for such a small area, it has a very large population (, 2014).
Tourists still visit El Salvador even though it is labeled one of the most dangerous countries in Central America. Its natural beauty such as the volcanoes, the white beaches, and the perfect surfing waves. (, 2014)The perfect Pacific waves attract many tourists each year. There are 20 currently active volcanoes in El Salvador, yet this doesn’t stop people from visiting the beautiful white beaches in El Salvador (VolcanoDiscovery, 2014)
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He told the soldiers to not follow orders of murdering and torturing from the government. It was later known that that the shootings came from the second floor from the Salvadoran Army, trained by the United States ( of.html, 2010). Many different factors led to the twelve-year-long Civil War in El Salvador such as the inequality of social classes, repressive military rule, and poverty ( of.html, 2010). This was was mainly about the social class issues. The FMLN destroyed anything, such as coffee plantations, that might help the country’s economy get well. The United States lent up to 1.5 billion dollars a day to El Salvador in the civil war. Billions of dollars were used during the war and some other billions were used to repair everything. But the major loss wasn’t money, it was the seventy-five thousand civilians killed (C.T. Evans and M. Kane, 2002-12). This war is the one that explains how unpowered the government was in El Salvador, and the war was so strong even kids were involved in it (C.T. Evans and M. Kane, 2002-12).
Half of the land is used for crops, but most people work in inudtries brought in by other countries. The United States brought in the U.S. dollar and since 2001 the Economy seems to be

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