Every Little Mexican Analysis

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My middle brother was twenty-one he began to drink constantly on a regular basis. He had many problems back home that influenced him in drinking, but also the people he associated himself with back then. It took him quite some time to overcome his addiction, but during his intoxicated moments he resembled that of Victor’s family. One night during my brother’s intoxication my brother had come down to our house to get away from his. When my brother rung the door bell, I quickly rushed towards the door opening it to find my brothers eyes blood shot red. He walked in facing towards slowly taking what felt like one hundred paces to our red couch which already contained a few broken springs on the left cushion. Once reaching the target he plopped …show more content…

While they are partying a fight breaks out between Victor’s uncles, Adolph and Arnold. In the passage it says, “Victor’s uncles were in the midst of a misdemeanor that would remain one even if somebody was to die.” (3). The statement shows how Victor and his family felt they had experienced worst in their past with the white people, that they thought if an Indian killed another Indian it wasn’t as bad as what the white people had done to them. With this being sad when victors family had become drunk they were trying to let go of what had happened in their past, but their past was so brutal that they couldn’t control themselves and their emotions got the best of them. Throughout the party because of their past and the fight between Victor’s uncles, more and more small tensions began to rise. “During that night, his aunt Nezzy broke her arm when an unidentified Indian woman pushed her down the stairs. Eugene Boyd broke a door playing indoor basketball.” These sentences from the passage shows the family’s tensions becoming more and more visible as they drink through the night trying to escape past situations. This is similar to that of my brother’s actions, when he came to my home that night continuously drinking, while blaming himself he caused new tension within to grow

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