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Everyman faces Death James M. Burnett Liberty University Outline Thesis Statement: Everyman is a play that is deeply tied to the human condition. The author had a perception death and a direction of death that they wanted to share with the world. I aim to show and reveal the authors intention so that we may better understand death more. I. Intro II. Understanding the Author’s perception of death a. The time period that everyman was written in. b. How everyman relates to the culture it was written in. c. The cultures perception of death compared to the Authors III. The Treatment of Death in Everyman a. How is death view within the play itself? b. Society’s view of death…show more content…
Death is referred to in the play as God mighty messenger. This name and view of death tell us that the play was not written to fear men into accepting the Christian viewpoint. By calling death God Mighty Messenger the author is showing us that the point of the play is to send a message to human kind. Death plays an impactful role in that it pushes everyman to examine his life and to find meaning. I believe that death is treated with much respect in the play everyman. As soon as death calls on everyman he is scared and caught off guard. “What? Not even a warning? To even think of you makes my heart sick. I'm not ready to give a reckoning! Come back in a few years and I might be more prepared. Please spare me until I'm better prepared.” (Diest) Everyman try’s to deal with death there on way, some ignore death and others fight death. The play is called everyman but the star act is death. Without death everyman would go on living his or her own way, there would be a lack of accountability and reason in this world. Most people fear death and because of that fear we mostly strive to live respectful, honorable, and moral lives. Without the fear of death any society would fail. Is the fear of Death the fear of death itself or is it bigger? “God: Everyman lives only for their own pleasure, and yet their own life is not assured. The more patient I
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