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Brash, Bold, Demanding, and Violent: The Everyday American Citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave are known to be patriotic and opportunistic souls, but that is not all that they are, it seems. From an outsider’s perspective, the average American is as brash and raucous as cannon fire and twice as violent, and these infamously American traits are nothing but breeding pools for a militaristic and bigoted nation. However, while the American stereotype - inconsiderate, conservative, brutal, exceedingly patriotic, and possessing a low tolerance for things outside of one’s control - can be perceived as an impediment to progress and an insult to foreigners, not all citizens of the United States behave in this manner, and indeed, such traits may not always be a hindrance. Although other countries may have a perceived stereotype of how the commonplace American may behave, Americans themselves, through years of adapting and toiling on new frontiers, have crafted their own idea of what an ideal citizen should be, …show more content…

The traits of the ideal United States citizen, crafted with time and shaped by the difficulties of the frontier, is no longer crucial today. Donald Trump, businessman, and the USA's president-elect is the perfect example of both the negatives and positives of the American Stereotype, being both wildly successful and overwhelmingly inconsiderate. America has drifted away from its motherland, Europe, causing cultural and political rifts. Ultimately, while the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is nowhere near perfect, it has one foot firmly planted in the soil, clinging to its own heritage, and the other preparing - but not quite ready - to take a step forward into a brave new

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