Everyday Use Literary Analysis

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The Storm, The Chrysanthemums and Everyday Use are stories that have different authors, setting nevertheless they all have characters that obtain similarity and difference.
Calixta, Elisa Allen and Mama are three characters that are all woman with similar attributes. In the story " The storm" one of the main character is Calixta, she is a proud housekeeper doing everything in her power to make sure her house is clean, sewing, doing laundry and making coffee. she is obsessed with keeping the house clean and we can tell from when her son and husband came home from being in the rain they were scare of what she will do if they drag the mud in the house. she was describe as a fuller figure woman with blue eyes and yellow hair that was being disheveled …show more content…

Elisa Allen is a ardent woman who lives an unsatisfying, under stimulated life. She is ignored at every turn, having a professional career is not an option for her, she has no children, her interest in the business side of the ranch goes unnoticed, her offers to help her husband with the ranch are treated with condescension, and her wish to see the world is shrugged off as an unlikely desire for a woman to have. As a result, Elisa devotes all of her energy to maintaining her house and garden. Although she rightly brags about her green thumb, Elisa’s interaction with nature seems forced and not something that comes as naturally as she claims. She knows a great deal about plants, most likely because as a woman, gardening is the only thing she has to think about. Elisa is dissatisfied with her marriage. She is so desperate to get away from the trap of being a woman so she seeks any way to escape, trying to banter with her husband, asking for wine with her dinner, and even expressing interest in the bloody fights that only men usually attend. None of these will truly satisfy Elisa yet she try to talk about it as a way connect with her husband. Elisa is so frustrated with life that she eagerly looks to the tinker for stimulating conversation and even sex, two elements that seem to be lacking in her life. although she did not have any form of intercourse, Her physical attraction to the tinker and her

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