Everything That Rises Must Converge Analysis Essay

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Rising from Bigotry to Converge in Equality “Everything That Rises must converge”, by Flannery O’ Connor is sometimes considered a comical but also serious tale of a grown man named Julian, who lives with mother, who happens to be your typical southern woman. The era unfolds in a couple years after integration begins. Throughout the story, O’Connor impresses us with her derived message in which people often resist to growing away from bigotry towards self-awareness and love for all humankind, which is so necessary for life to converge in equality. O’Connor has a distinctive style of writing that expresses this message through characterization, conflict and literary devices. From the first page, Flannery O’Connor does a great job…show more content…
“’Someday I’ll start making money,’ Julian said gloomily-he knew he never would…” These are the internal conflicts Julian faces in the story and in his life. O’ Connor sets up the scene on the bus ride to the Y, to unfurl the sequence to rise from bigotry. Julian’s mother’s prejudice, in society, is what brings about more conflict. “She would not ride the buses by herself at night since they had been integrated…” She truly felt that society was wrong. “‘The world is in a mess everywhere,’ his mother said. ‘I don’t know how we’ve let it get in this fix.’” At the same time, the interaction between the characters on the bus bring conflict in-between characters and their personality comes out . A black man gets on the bus. “It gave him a certain satisfaction to see injustice in daily operation.” Julian tries to make conversation with the man in order to bother his mother. “He felt his tension suddenly lift as if he had openly declared war on her.” It is not until a big black woman with a four-year-old son steps on the bus that Julian gets a “shot” in at his mother. The black woman is wearing the same hat as his mother! When Julian’s mother bought the hat, the storeowner told her that she
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